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The committee "Demounting Louis Agassiz (1807-1873)" consists of:

Barnabás Bosshart: photographer, Maranhão, Brazil; exhibitons among others on "Alcântara, Brazilian city between colonial memories and space dreams" (1989) or "THREE WORLDS. Pictures of Brazil 1980-2005" (Swiss Foundation of Fotography, Winterthur 2007).

Théo Buss, Nicaragua: Swiss adult education teacher, Protestant minister and journalist, Managua; author of a radio-broadcast sermon on Max Havelaar, Pierre Alexandre DuPeyrou and Neuchâtel's implication in slavery in 2003.

Hans Fässler, Switzerland: historian, St.Gallen: satirical one-man show "Louverture died in 1803", 2003, author of "Reise in Schwarz-Weiss. Schweizer Ortstermine in Sachen Sklaverei" (on Swiss participation in slavery), Zurich 2005; initiator of the campaign.

H.R. Fricker, Switzerland: artist, networker, initiator of an open air museum ("Alpsteinmuseum"), Trogen

Jürg Frischknecht, Switzerland: journalist, specialising in racism, right-wing and fascist movements in
Switzerland, Zurich (died 2016)

Franz Hohler, Switzerland: writer, satirist, comedian, "hiker and occasionally mountaineer", Zurich

Pia Hollenstein, Switzerland: member of  Swiss Federal Parliament 1991–2006, diploma in nursing care, vocational college teacher, Master of Advanced Studies in Applied Ethics, St.Gallen; author of parliamentary move "Swiss involvement in slavery and the transatlantic slave trade", 2003, climbed the Agassizhorn (3952 metres above sea level) in 1986.

Sasha Huber, Finland: Swiss-Haitian visual artist and designer, Helsinki; exhibition "Shooting Back" (with portraits of dictators Columbus, Papa Doc Duvalier and Baby Doc Duvalier), 2004.

Thomas Huonker, Switzerland: historian, Zurich: author of "Diagnose: 'moralisch defekt'. Kastration, Sterilisation und Rassenhygiene im Dienst der Schweizer Sozialpolitik und Psychiatrie 1890-1970" (on Swiss contributions to 19th  and 20th century racist thought), Zurich 2003.

Stefan Keller, Switzerland: journalist and historian, Zurich; author of "Grüningers Fall", the book which led to the rehabilitation of Paul Grüninger, chief of a cantonal police force who had saved the lives a few hundred refugees, and to the naming of a "Grüninger Lane", a "Grüninger Square" and a "Grüninger Soccer Stadium".

Josef Lang, Switzerland: historian and socialist MP for the Swiss Greens, Zug.

Alex Frank Larsen, Denmark: journalist, TV producer and author, Vallensbæk Strand; author of the TV-series "Slavernes slægt" on the descendants of Danish slaves.

Ricardo Lumengo, Switzerland: lawyer and socialist MP of Angolan origin, Bienne.

Maria Helena Pereira Toledo Machado, Brazil: History professor at the University of São Paulo; has published original research on slavery, abolition, and the Agassiz Expedition to Brazil; author of the book "Brazil through the Eyes of William James. Letters, Diaries, and Drawings, 1865-1866", São Paulo.

Mascha Madörin, Switzerland: anti-apartheid-activist, economist, Basel.

Khadim Ndiaye, Canada: Senegalese philosopher, ICT and education specialist, Montreal; author of "Le racisme scientifique et ses implications sociales: le cas de l'Américain Benjamin Rush et du Suisse Louis Agassiz" (on Agassiz' racism).

Marcus Rediker: historian, writer, teacher and political activist with focus on the history of the "Black Atlantic". Author of – among others – "The Many-Headed Hydra", "The Slave Ship" and "Between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea", Pittsburgh (USA).

Claude Ribbe, France: writer, historian and member of the "National Advisory Commission on Human Rights in France"; author of (among others) "Le Crime de Napoléon", "Le Chevalier de Saint George", "L'Expédition", "Alexandre Dumas, le Dragon de la Reine".

Dr. Ibrahima Seck, Senegal: historian at Cheikh Anta Diop University, Dakar; visiting lecturer and researcher on the history of the slave trade at the universities of New Orleans and Mississippi, co-author of "Sénégal – Suisse 1:1. Un manuel pédagogique et pluridisciplinaire", Bâle 2006.

Dr. Mamoudou Sy, Senegal: historian and researcher at WARC ("West African Research Center") in Dakar, resident of Thiès; speaker at the conference "Tous les hommes sont-ils égaux? Histoire comparée de la pensée raciale 1860-1930" at the "German Historical Institute" in Paris.

Amadou Tidiane Wone: ancien Ministre de la Culture du Sénégal, écrivain, Dakar, Sénégal.